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Tokyo Mongz Hills Club



童話「桃太郎」の「猿」をモチーフとしたNFTコレクションTokyo Mongz Hills Club、通称TMHC。

リアルとメタバースとを繋げる「Mongz Universe」という複合プロジェクトとして新たな局面に突入しました。
Mongz Universeは上場予定コイン「MUC(Mongz Universe Coin)」を中心に独自の生態系を構築します。

MUCと1:1で交換できる独自トークン「MZC(Mongz Coin)」は2023年3月31日に発行が予定されており、
TMHC NFTをステーキングすることでリワードとしてMZCが毎日獲得できます。



~After eating the legendary peach, monkeys gained courage and wisdom and eventually evolved into Mongz.
~This legendary peach turned into a spirit of peach, "MOMO", and released as NFT.
The first NFT collection Tokyo Mongz Hills Club, known as TMHC, was inspired by the "Monkey" from the Japanese fairy tale "Momotaro". The total minting volume was approximately 200 million yen, an unprecedented record for a Japanese-made NFT, and the NFTs are still being traded at a higher price than the initial sale price six months after its release in August 2022.
TMHC is now moving forward to establish "Mongz Universe," aiming to connect the real world and the metaverse, along with a game project called "INU Project" and an apparel project called "KIJI Project". The Mongz Universe will create a unique ecosystem by adopting Mongz Universe Coin (MUC) which will be listed soon.
The unique token MZC (Mongz Coin), which can be exchanged 1:1 with MUC and earned daily as a reward for staking TMHC NFTs, is scheduled to be issued on 31 March 2023.
The legendary peach that gifted Mongz with wisdom and courage is now coming to the Crypto land as 'MOMO', a peach spirit that can explode your staking rewards!
~PEACHz.MOMO, a generative NFT collection of the peach spirit 'MOMO', will be released in spring 2023.~


▶TMHC NFTのステーキングリワードを増幅させる
▶Full-body 3D production
⇒Compatible with the metaverse and WebGL
▶Multi-platform adaptability
⇒Planned to integrate with NFT game project in progress
⇒Developing real-world utilities such as apparel, golf courses, etc.
▶Earn MZC every day via the staking function.
⇒MZC can be earned as a reward even when MOMO is staked independently
⇒MZC can be exchanged 1:1 with "MUC" which is planned to be listed soon
▶Boosts the staking reward of TMHC NFT
⇒Able to boost 10-300% per unit. Up to 4 MOMO can be staked per TMHC.
⇒A maximum of 1200% boost in earned coins is possible.
*The boost ratio may be adjusted or temporarily changed due to events, etc.
▶Participation tickets for various events
⇒Possible to participate in offline events, etc.



  • ▶販売日時:2023年4月末~5月上旬
  • ▶販売個数:10,000個
  • ▶販売価格:0,02~0.03ETH予定(4月中旬発表予定)
  • ▶レアリティ種類:Ultra Rare / Super Rare / Rare / Common
  • ▶プレセール:ALを獲得した方のみ参加可能
  • ▶パブリックセール:どなたでも参加可能

*Subject to change depending on market conditions and development status

  • ▶Date of sale: End of April ~ early May 2023
  • ▶Sale Quantity: 10,000 units
  • ▶Sales price: 0.02-0.03 ETH (to be announced in mid-April)
  • ▶Rarity: Ultra Rare/Super Rare/Rare/Common
    ※Minted at random. The probability of each rarity will be announced later.
  • ▶Pre-sale: only for AL holders
  • ▶Public Sale: Available to everyone